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2020上海厨卫展 上海卫浴展 中国厨房卫浴展
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展会宗旨:倡导低碳生活方法,激动地产工程项目对接Exhibition tenet: advocate low-carbon lifestyle and stimulate the docking of real estate projects  2020中国国外绿色厨房卫浴展览会

  2020 China foreign green kitchen and bathroom ExhibitionChina International Green Kitchen and Bathroom Expo 2020China international green kitchen and bathroom Expo 2020同期举行:第三十一届中国(上海)国外建筑装饰展览会Held at the same time: the 31st China (Shanghai) foreign architectural decoration exhibition开展中的新契机:

  New opportunities in development:

  中国承接了蓬勃国度厨卫企业生产的转移,使我国厨卫行业不断开展壮大,整体手艺程度、经管程度都得到了一定的提升。全球化、职业化的单干同盟系统为中国厨卫行业提供了优越的市场时机,有益于中国厨卫行业在较高层次上介入全球厨卫的开展与竞争。固然面临国外经济增速放缓,不断定成分增加,经济运转下行压力加大等困难,但是在国内市场,城镇化进程不断加快,城镇经济飞速开展,保证房批量竣工托付,而且城镇住户的生活程度和花费能力也快速提升,预计国内二三级乃至四级城市的厨卫洁具市场将迎来一个开展的环节时期。我国厨卫行业必须与房地产行业、建材行业、产业设计及建筑装饰设计等行业紧密相连, 增强上下游家当链之间的沟通与同盟,增强创新与同盟共赢,进一步调整结构,转型晋级,实现新阶段的提升与开展。

  China has undertaken the production transfer of vigorous national kitchen and bathroom enterprises, which has made the kitchen and bathroom industry in China continue to expand, and the overall level of technology and management has been improved to a certain extent. The global and professional alliance system provides a superior market opportunity for Chinese kitchen and bathroom industry, which is beneficial for Chinese kitchen and bathroom industry to participate in the development and competition of global kitchen and bathroom at a higher level. Although facing the difficulties of slowing down foreign economic growth, increasing fixed composition, increasing downward pressure of economic operation, etc., but in the domestic market, the urbanization process is speeding up, the urban economy is developing rapidly, to ensure that houses are completed in batches and entrusted, and the living standard and spending ability of urban residents are also improving rapidly, it is expected that the domestic kitchen and sanitary ware market in tier two, tier three and tier four cities will usher in. A period of development. China's kitchen and bathroom industry must be closely connected with the real estate industry, building materials industry, industrial design, architectural decoration design and other industries, enhance the communication and alliance between the upstream and downstream household chains, enhance innovation and win-win alliance, further adjust the structure, transform and upgrade, and realize the promotion and development of the new stage.


  With the continuous improvement of Chinese consumers' living standard, the constant acceleration of young people's living rhythm and the Westernization of their living methods, kitchen, as a home food area, is one-sided of life home. With the change of people's expectation, green modern kitchen civilization tends to be humanized, artistic and intelligent. More and more consumers are choosing kitchen appliances, especially kitchen appliances, and at the same time, double the pursuit of the kitchen's reasonable efficacy and material appearance.


  In the future, in the kitchen electricity market, manufacturers pay more attention to the needs of users. According to the data, in the first half of 2015, kitchen appliances such as range hoods, gas stoves and disinfecting cabinets were better than the traditional categories, and they were oriented to high-end, avant-garde and intelligent development. Take lampblack machine as an example. In the first half of 2015, the sales volume of lampblack machine reached 15.1 billion yuan, up 15% year on year. Among them, the sales volume of European lampblack machine accounted for 53.9%, up 3.3 percentage points compared with the same period last year. New kitchen appliances such as electric kettle, rice cooker, coffee machine and bread machine are also springing up in China's household life. The annual market scope is developing at a rate of over 10% per year.


  In 2020, the exhibition opened 12 exhibition halls of Shanghai new foreign Expo Center, with a total exhibition area of 150000 square meters. Nearly 1200 exhibitors participated in the exhibition. Nearly 100000 professional buyers and more than 200 media participated in the publicity, held the overall image of nearly 40 theme forums, and further stabilized the position of "the first Asia Green Building Materials Exhibition".


  In July 2020, 12 pavilions of Shanghai new foreign Expo Center will be opened, with an exhibition area of nearly 150000 square meters. In the new time, new scope and new opportunity, we will be waiting for you at Shanghai new foreign Expo Center all the time!


  Exhibition overview:

  展览光阴: 2020年7月15日-17日

  Exhibition time: July 15-17, 2020

  展览地点:上海浦东新国外博览中心(龙阳路2345号)Venue: Shanghai Pudong new foreign Expo Center (2345 Longyang Road)展览范围: 150000平米

  Exhibition area: 150000 square meters


  Organizer: CCPIT construction branch


  Shanghai Construction Materials Industry Association上海建曜会务策划中心

  Shanghai Jianyao conference planning center上海现代国外展览有限公司

  Shanghai modern foreign exhibition Co., Ltd.


  Shanghai Business Exhibition Co., Ltd.

  道谢单元:中国工程建设尺度化协会 上海市建设科技推广中心Thank you unit: Shanghai Construction Technology Promotion Center of China Engineering Construction Standardization Association※ 参展企业申请得到组委会确认后,一周内将参展费用[50%(预支款)或全款]电汇或交至组委会,别的展位费需在展览会开幕一个月前付清。


  Contemporaneous behavior:

  ⊙ 举止一:中国厨卫家当开展论坛

  ⊙ behavior I: Forum for Chinese kitchen


  In the era of exhibition, it is planned to hold two meetings every day, each of which will invite one real estate expert, one famous space designer and one kitchen expert to give keynote speeches and talk with distinguished guests, to construct real estate developers, designers, real estate consultants, professional media and other industry staff to cooperate and intervene in the real estate chain, explore the kitchen design and application trend under the development of China's real estate, and promote "Home ownership design, design home ownership" process.

  ⊙ 举止二:精英设计师厨房空间设计作品赏析会⊙ behavior II: appreciation meeting for kitchen space design works of elite designers邀请全球局限内出名室内设计师、国外出名别墅、公寓楼盘及商业楼盘榜样房设计师到场,一站式解密当今最流行、最具市场前景的厨房空间设计理念与方案。

  Invite famous interior designers, famous villas, apartments and commercial real estate model designers from all over the world to participate in the one-stop decryption of the most popular and market-oriented kitchen space design concept and scheme.


  Exhibition content:


  Kitchen design: kitchen space related technology, materials, equipment and application management plan.


  Integrated kitchen: intelligent kitchen, integrated cabinet, integrated kitchen, kitchen ceiling.


  Kitchen supporting products: integrated cooker, range hood, microwave oven, tableware, disinfection cupboard, cleaning supplies, hardware accessories, kitchenware, electric kettle, rice cooker, coffee machine, bread machine, faucet, sink, basket, table, plate, lighting equipment and other accessories.


  Kitchen ventilation equipment and system: ventilation pipe, air filter and purification makeup, air humidification and dehumidification equipment, air inlet and outlet, fan, etc.

  厨房供水和污水处理手艺及建设: 餐厨废品处理设备、家庭水净化、水质说明仪器、软化妆置、给排水系统、上下水连接管件、阀门等。

  Kitchen water supply and sewage treatment technology and construction: kitchen waste treatment equipment, domestic water purification, water quality description instrument, softened cosmetics, water supply and drainage system, water connection pipe fittings, valves, etc.

  浴室用品及配件:桑拿房、淋浴房、热水器、浴缸、卫浴挂件、面盆、马桶、花洒等Bathroom supplies and accessories: sauna room, shower room, water heater, bathtub, bathroom pendant, basin, toilet, shower, etc.



  开展商:地产开辟商、酒店/会所/餐饮业主及经管公司、政府及公共奇迹机关单元Developer: property developer, hotel / club / Catering owner and management company, government and public miracle unit工程经管商:工程总承包商、商业地产顾问经管、室庐楼盘购买经管公司等Project Manager: general contractor, commercial real estate consultant, Shilu real estate purchase and management company, etc.

  设计师:室内设计师、软装设计师、家居装饰顾问、建筑师等Designer: interior designer, soft decoration designer, home decoration consultant, architect, etc.


  Channel providers: distributors, agents, foreign buyers, etc.

  别的与媒体:电视、电台、报纸、杂志及网路媒体Other media: TV, radio, newspapers, magazines and online media展位申请及安排:

  Booth Application and arrangement:

  ※ 参展企业认真填写?参展申请及合大概?并加盖公章传真或通过邮件形式至组委会。

  The exhibitor shall fill in the "application and contract" carefully and fax or email it to the organizing committee with official seal.

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