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文章摘要:   在政策和市场的双重推动下,导热塑料正处于一个强劲的黄金时代。随着LED行业的发展,隐患再次成为人们关注的焦点,质量问题......


  Under the dual promotion of policy and market, thermal conductive plastics are in a strong golden age. With the development of the LED industry, hidden dangers have become the focus of attention again, and quality problems have been widely discussed throughout the country.



  With the rapid development of China's LED industry, the development of upstream material industry has been greatly promoted, and further breakthroughs have been made in the field of good materials. A large number of plastic components are used in LED lamps, including LED packaging devices, LED optical lenses, light scattering elements, high heat dissipation elements, light reflection and light diffuse plate, etc.



  From the point of view of the whole life cycle, thermal conductive plastic composites are more environmentally friendly and consume less energy than the production of metal materials, resulting in less pollution in the production process, in line with the requirements of national energy saving, emission reduction and energy saving. With the improvement of LED light efficiency and the decrease of heat generation, the requirement of heat dissipation of LED will be gradually reduced. Thermal conductive plastic radiators will be able to meet the heat dissipation requirements of most traditional LED lamps. The development of LED lighting industry ushered in a turning point. With the rising price and the strengthening of industry shuffling, many lighting enterprises began to think about the way of enterprise transformation and made a series of enterprise changes. Many of them have changed their positioning, from low-end market to market, and have made remarkable achievements. At the same time, they have attracted many leaders to research and develop, technology and new products according to the market with high orientation of enterprise reform. Who may be the big winner of high market? It is not an easy task for any LED lighting enterprise.


  Ordinary materials affect the quality of products, so the industry is in urgent need of upgrading, so as to promote the new generation of thermal materials to take advantage of wind and waves, and meet with industry opportunities and future. LED brand enterprises do not hesitate to invest in the pursuit of product quality and positioning. The solution of this problem is not without national policy, and even has set a clear timetable for the explosive growth of new materials in the industry. Of course, once you get into explosive growth, opportunities will arise. LED lighting enterprises are seeking breakthroughs. Thermal conductive plastics are increasingly replacing the commonly used materials in thermal conductive components of LED lamps, mainly including lamp heads, cold lamp cups, lamp shells and so on.



  At present, there are three kinds of heat dissipation materials for the shell of traditional lamps: metal material, ceramic material and general plastic material. Thermal conductive plastics are a new type of material.


  It has three advantages:


  1. Cost reduction, thermal conductive plastics can be combined with some cost-effective power supply solutions, greatly reducing the overall cost of lamps; 2. Plastics, LED lamps in the future development will not only stay in the lighting industry itself, it will also become a port of the Internet, or an indoor component, so it attaches great importance to plastics, and plastics, compared with traditional aluminum, can be injected. Plastics provide great help; 3. Environmental protection, can achieve recycling, good insulation also ensures the reliability of its use.

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