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The design of equity structure is mainly aimed at the investors of the enterprise, which is naturally their rightful right. As the company steps onto the right track and grows day by day, talent is an urgently needed resource. How to stabilize employees and attract outstanding talents? Introducing equity incentive plans is a common method.


A successful equity incentive plan first considers the development cycle of the enterprise, selects the appropriate method, and then starts designing the plan, which mainly focuses on six key factors.


Motivation targets


There are generally three ways to incentivize the beneficiaries of equity.


The first type is full participation, which is mainly in the initial stage;


The second type is that the majority of employees hold shares, which is mainly suitable for high-speed growth periods, retaining more talents to support the development of the enterprise.


The third type is that key employees hold shares, with the main beneficiaries being management personnel and key skilled personnel. There should be certain principles in selecting incentive targets, and it is better to choose those who do not meet the conditions than to abuse them. Do not turn equity incentives into equity benefits or equity rewards.


Incentive methods


There are three common types of medium - and long-term incentive methods: equity, options, and benefit sharing. Each method has its advantages and disadvantages, as well as specific applicable prerequisites. Regardless of which method is adopted, it is necessary to consider the organic combination of incentive and constraint mechanisms, and truly unleash the enthusiasm of employees.


Total employee shareholding and distribution


This mainly addresses the total amount of equity incentives, the number of equity incentives per beneficiary, and the number of reserved stocks for later incentives. How to determine can be determined based on the actual situation of the company. Generally, the number of equity interests of each beneficiary is determined based on their position and personal value and ability.


Stock source


In terms of stock allocation, the source of stocks for listed companies is quite complicated and requires review by the China Securities Regulatory Commission and approval by the shareholders' meeting. The sources of stocks are generally targeted issuances, stock market repurchases, major shareholder transfers, and treasury stocks. Inventory stocks refer to the portion of stocks issued by a company that are repurchased from the market. Depending on the needs of stock options or other long-term incentive mechanisms, the retained stocks will be resold at some point in the future.



Funding source


The stock purchase method refers to the source of funds for purchasing stocks, which generally includes employee cash contributions, accumulated public welfare funds over the years, welfare funds, financing provided by the company or major shareholders, and employees using their equity to mortgage loans from banks.


These methods are all easy to operate, some of which may generate financial expenses and require repeated tax payments. Companies tend to adopt the method of employee funded purchases, directly deducting money proportionally from their salaries, which is beneficial for controlling employees.


Exit mechanism


The exit mechanism stipulates some provisions for employee exit incentive plans, including the following three situations:


The first type is normal resignation, and companies often continue to allow these employees to enjoy equity or options according to the contract;


The second type is abnormal resignation. If an employee's resignation does not cause any losses to the company, does not violate confidentiality agreements, etc., most companies can still allow the equity benefits that have already been granted;


The third type is dismissal, in which the right to enjoy equity benefits is revoked in accordance with relevant regulations.


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